Ingenieurbüro Andreas Holl
Ingenieurbüro für Anlagenplanung, Ingenieursdienstleistungen, Technische Schulungen, Vertriebsschulungen, Consulting                    Engineering Office for Conceptual Design in the Field of Technical Gases, Technical Trainings and Consulting 

Trainings and Seminars

 I offer hydrogen and oxygen training courses in Karlsruhe, Dortmund, Toronto Canada and Gdansk Poland, regularly


Hydrogen Training January 24th 2024 Karlsruhe

Oxygen Training January 25th 2024 Karlsruhe

Oxygen Training February 20th 2024 Dortmund

Hydrogen Training February 21st 2024 Dortmund

Hydrogen Training (English) February 22nd 2024 Dortmund

Hydrogen Training March 18th 2024 Gdansk Poland

NEW: Hydrogen Workshop March 19th 2024 Gdansk Poland

Oxygen Training March 20th 2024 Gdansk Poland

Hydrogen Training in Edmonton Canada 22th April 2024

NEW: Hydrogen Workshop in Edmonton Canada 25th April 2024

In Planning:

Hydrogen Training in Karlsruhe May 2024

Hydrogen Workshop in Karlsruhe May 2024

Oxygen Training in Karlsruhe May 2024